The Transformation


“Who me? I don’t have anything interesting to say…and, I definitely don’t like having my picture taken.” This was a general response when I would ask the inspiring women in my circle to be a part of this book. I would always giggle a bit, because in my head, I would think, “Woman, you don’t even have a clue how powerful and stunning you are!” However, I often didn’t address the issue and talked instead about the mission of the book: Women Helping Women. That usually clinched it. As women, especially the Goddesses featured in the book, we are continually embodying a long list of generous qualities. We are loving, supportive, open, caring, dedicated…the list could go on…and, if you are reading this thinking, “Well, that is those women, women she knows, she couldn’t possibly be talking about me”…think again. I am talking about you. I am talking about ALL of us. We are all inherently wired for giving care. Sometimes that hardwiring gets wounded to a point that it becomes hidden. Sometimes we over compensate and care-give to our detriment, but it is there, and this book is about finding the balance. This book is about many other things as well…so, scroll through the images below and come up with your own reason of why this content is meaningful. Every picture below was taken candidly with my iPhone during the photo shoots and every quote is a personal testimonial about the process. Ladies, let’s all just agree to step into our power. Together. Finding what unites us instead of focusing on what divides us. Sharing our stories and healing our selves so that we can go and heal the world. You know….Like we do…..