The Interviews


The Interview process was one if my favorite pieces of putting this book together. Creating a sacred space for someone I love, to talk and share their truth, was, and is, such a gift. The Interview would take usually about an hour and I would capture our conversation via an app on my phone that then translated the audio file to a word document. For days, and sometimes weeks, afterwards, I would sit in the early morning hours with my headphones in, listening to the interviews and putting the stories together. I often joked that the ladies didn’t know, but I got the sweetness of ‘having coffee’ with them for days on end, as I listened to their voices and translated their words to the page. So much wisdom poured forth in these interviews. So much love. So much of everything that makes each one of us unique and similar at the same time. Realistically, there was no way I could get it all on the page for the hard copy of “Soul-to-Sisterhood.” That is why I have created this opportunity for you to get to know each individual Goddess a bit more with an videoed chat. As I continue the process of editing this fall, my hope is to have each women who chooses, do a video interview to talk more candidly about some of the things she shared in her original interview. For some of us, videos are easier than a book. For others, it is just a better way to absorb information. Whatever your reason, as videos are uploaded on this page of the website, mooch around and have a looksee. My gut tells me, you might find exactly what you need at exactly the right moment.


Why do this book?

Listen to Jamie talk about why she wanted to do this book and how the whole process has grown beyond her wildest imagination.


Photographer’s Process

Give a listen to the amazingly talented, Kristine Casart, share about her process of photographing these stunning women.


My most favorite part.

Sometimes the most touching, and moving, aspect of a project surprises everyone.

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More to come….

More videos will be coming soon! Thanks for you patience!