The Goddesses


As a therapist and as the Creator and Facilitator of the Divine Mommy Groups, everyday of my work is filled with amazing stories from amazing women. I am consistently humbled and inspired by the dedication, sacrifice, love and wisdom displayed by the women I am lucky enough to share this world with. Below are just a few examples of the beauty and insight from the women you will meet in our “Soul-to-Sisterhood” book. Scroll through. Have a laugh. Feel a heartfelt connection. If you are inspired, or touched, sit for a moment with those feelings. Sit and know that we only hold up the mirror for you. For, you too, are all of these things…and more. Just like our Divine Mommy Mission Statement, this book truly embodies ‘Women Supporting Women with Shared Wisdom, Acceptance and Love.’


Meet the Goddesses

OK, honestly, I know there are 33 women featured in this book, but there could be 33 Million…plus! I feel like every woman I’ve ever met should be in this book. On the pages of this website, and in the pages of the “Soul-to-Sisterhood,” book, you will meet Divinely Feminine Females from all age ranges, all walks of life, and all aspects of motherhood. And, that includes motherhood experiences that don’t involve human children. I believe that as women, no matter our age, no matter our life experience, we are ALL always giving birth to new things ALL the time. Think for a second how much you’ve managed to ‘birth’ since you woke up this morning. Go back and take a moment to really give yourself credit. On top of daily living, which in itself can be a painful labor and delivery process, you’ve probably created space for new perspectives, new understandings, new relationships, new opportunities and so much more. See what a Powerful Creatrix you are!

Scroll down to meet the, “Soul-to-Sisterhood,” ladies. Read through their bios. Feel a connection to them. Allow their strengths and passions to create a conduit for you to more fully embody your own. Feel free to get in touch with them if their work inspires you. Together, let’s create a powerful and empowered network of Women-Supporting-Women..spreading love…spreading connection…spreading joy….spreading truth.

(I know there are just a few Bios here…but, more are coming, I promise!)



Matilda is 10 years old. She was born in Omaha, NE and she has a Swedish mother and a Nebraskan for a father. She’s the oldest of 3 and also shares her home with 3 sweet dogs. Matilda is a compassionate and kind vegan who loves being a good friend to all living creatures. She’s very passionate about animals and wants to help others see how easy it is to find and create yummy plant-based food. She loves to dance, sing and act. She also enjoys cooking and baking for her family. She loves to lead by example and making good choices even though no one else is there to see it. She just likes how doing the right thing feels good in her heart. She’s thrilled to be a part of this book and loves her life.



Kristine was born in Sweden and during her travels in her twenties, she met the love of her life in the Dominican Republic. He was American, from Nebraska and they traveled all over the world together from teaching English in Malaysia to doing accounting in Greece and working for a non-profit in Omaha, NE. They are happily married and have 3 kids together and 3 rescued beagles. Kristine is creating the movement Mom Vegan Love. She wants to show others how easy it is to go vegan and share her story of how she went from a complete carnivore, addicted to cigarettes and alcohol, to thriving on a 100% plant-based diet at nearly 40. By changing their lifestyle they cured asthma, skin rashes, improved their immune systems and aligned their actions with their core values. Letting love lead and not harming animals and the planet at the same time is just an amazing way to live. Kristine is so proud and grateful to be a part of this fabulous group of women and being the photographer for this project has just been one of the best experiences ever. Creating with Jamie Day and learning from this fantastic woman in the Divine Mommy groups has been life-changing. Every day she learns more about how to become a better mother and a stronger happier more aligned person. Choosing love instead of fear is the motto and saying Hell yes! to more amazing projects like this. Together we can make this world an amazing place to live! Find me at:,, &



Pearle is 7 Years old. Her dad grew up in Ireland and her mom grew up in Southern Illinois. She is full of energy and loves to play horsey hair salon, cutting, styling and coloring the manes and tails of her pretty ponies. She is a totally awesome daughter, granddaughter, cousin, niece and little sister to her two big canine sisters, Lydia and Delilah. Pearle is very passionate about being kind and doing the right thing. She is not afraid to stick up for her friends, animals, bugs, plants and Mother Earth. She leads by example and loves to hold lizards, snakes, spiders, and worms. She heals her family with love and laughter, can tell a great joke, and understands when to and when not to say bad words. She is most proud of her hamster, Mr. Kibbles, who is currently enrolled in circus training in the upstairs bathtub. She is super excited to be a part of this book project because she feels that adults need to be more like kids.



Jamie loves being outside, barefoot around a fire. She also loves working in her garden, making jewelry, singing, reading and cooking delicious Vegan food. Her biggest accomplishments, which include both of the loves of her life, are her daughter and her marriage. A close second to those are her work with her organization, Divine Mommy. Jamie comes from a strong line of creative and passionate women on both her mother’s and her father’s side. As a generous friend, daughter, mother, niece and granddaughter, many of those in her inner circle are gifted with lovingly handmade items that reflect this honoring of the women who have come before her. Jamie loves to travel to and study the feminist her-story perspectives of Goddess The(a)logy. She has studied with Vicki Noble, Riane Eisler and Brooke Medicine Eagle and feels passionately about sharing the roots of egalitarian, interdependent living that was simultaneously creative, peaceful, harmonious, and successful. As a healer, she is consistently striving to release her own ego patterns of wounding and habituated dysfunction so that she may more fully and authentically step into her Divine Purpose. Jamie feels very passionately about Animal Rights, Earth’s Rights, Women’s Rights, Children’s Rights, Human Rights and the healing of the archetypal energies of the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine so that the new nuclear, and bi-nuclear family, can respectfully and lovingly include all beings. You can learn more about her work at:, &



Kery is a fun-loving, adventurous yogi soul making it her mission to raise the vibration for family, for community and for our Sacred Planet–Mother Earth!  Kery grew up in the country, romping around acres of family land in the hills of Texas. Venturing beyond the simplicity of home, she discovered a world of adventure… backpacking mountains, kayaking under a waterfall, rope swinging in the jungle, hang-gliding through the skies, and scuba-diving vast oceans. Pregnancy brought new light… an awareness of a vibratory connection to creation.  The became We, and the Webecame Us.  Kery began to understand true Yoga–Union.  A powerful voice for nature from an early age, Kery’s daughter Gabby has been her greatest inspiration and teacher.  After years of travel, study, and teaching, in the midst of a “What am I doing, what am I trying to teach, and who exactly am I trying to heal?” moment, the message came through loud and clear.  It was palpable and emergent.  “We must remember… reconnect to our roots… to the rhythms of nature, our divinity, our connection to each other and to all of life!  This will be the key to planetary survival. You’ve been given the tools.  Use them.”  Kery’s workseeks to honor that very message.  Her platform, Super Vibes, is a modern-day approach to timeless practices and philosophies from Yoga & Ayurveda. Courses arestructured to get back to nature, to awaken that connection and cultivate compassion, inclusivity, and activism.  Full of zany, inspirational, real life, and often messy NAMASTEs, Kery invites you to join her in raising the vibe… for yourself, your family, your community, and for this Sacred Planet- Our Mother Earth!Lovingly referred to as the “Super Hero Guru” by her students, Kery Helmer is a Physiologist and Yoga Therapist with a degree in Integrative Medicine. She has written programs such as: Reconnect to Your Inner Badass, Unleash Your Super Powers, and Simply KickASSana.  Blending anatomy science with a holistic, mind body approach to health, she delivers her programs through international Yoga & Ayurveda Teachings, Stress Management Groups, Workshops, Teacher Trainings, and Retreats. You can find her,, &




Maria is the mother of two beautiful Brazilian-Mexican American girls, Olivia (10) and Leila (6). She met her life partner, Will, at a bilingual theater production in Boston and since then they have been on a wonderful adventure together. She grew up in Brazil and moved to the United States to pursue her love of theater over 15 years ago. Little did she know that in studying theater she would embark on a journey of self-discovery and self-knowledge, after all “theater is a mirror”. This creative self-inquiry led her to become a meditation teacher, certified by the Chopra Center, and an Ayurvedic Health Counselor. Today she combines all her passions into her own company, Atomica Arts, where she teaches applied theater, meditation and Ayurveda or as she describes: the art of looking at human actions, the art of looking at ourselves and the art of self-care. Maria teaches workshops and offers private consultations and classes in English, Spanish and Portuguese. She is a Reiki Master, lover of nature and herbs, a singer, a friend, a ritual maker, a community-oriented art lover, maker and supporter. While she plays all these roles and more in this life, she is not the “roles” she plays. She is the player of roles and she thrives in guiding people to see how they are also the players and protagonists of their own lives! Find her at or on social media: Facebook- @atomica.arts, Twitter- @AtomicaArts and Instagram- @atomica_arts.