The Cards


OK…so, as this book has come to life, the idea for some fun ways to incorporate more Sisterhood and Support into our everyday experiences has come to life as well. Like I’ve mentioned before, this book’s intended use is one of healing. I know that is a different path for each of us and will look and feel differently for everyone. That is why I want to make this book, with all of the the love-wisdom-joy-and sexiness available on every page- available and accessible for ALL of us ALL the time. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always got crystals in my bra, feathers and leaves in my pockets, old cards from friends pinned to my walls…I’m a bit of a sentimentalist, I admit….but, that is because these objects are meaningful to me. They give me strength and support. They help me feel connected. Well, that is exactly my plan for the ‘Soul-to-Sisterhood Oracle Cards.’ Each woman in this book is wise beyond her knowing and, so are you. Maybe one story has really touched your heart, maybe several, maybe every story has stuck with you. Well, to quote ‘The Eagles,’ don’t feel like your ‘peaceful easy feeling’ has got to let you down because the book needs to stay on your night stand. Nope, you will be able to take our ‘Divine Mommy S2S Tribe,’ forcefield with you! Take a look at the images below. Connie, our amazing Sister-Goddess-Co-Creatrix (read her Bio under “The Team,” tab) gave me this as a gift for my wedding in 2017. This personal work of Goddess Art, which Connie says is me, sits prominently in the Sacred Space, otherwise known as my office, and I love her. When we started talking about creating the companion card deck for the book, Connie’s artwork seemed the perfect inspiration. I mean, can you even handle the potential beauty and amazingness of EVERY SINGLE WOMAN in the Soul-to-Sisterhood book as her own ORACLE CARD! I am getting crazy excited just thinking about it! And, you know what I love even more about the cards? They incorporate more PLAY into this collective experience of Sisterhood. That is right, ladies, P-L-A-Y! Why PLAY? Because, PLAY leads to PLEASURE and they both release the chemical, Oxytocin, into our bodies. Remember that little word from biology class? Or, from breast-feeding tutorials? Oxytocin is the bonding hormone that helps us fall in love. It allows our brains to feel secure enough to connect. So, think of these cards as a portable amplification device for increased self-love, increased community, increased intuitive guidance and off the charts FUN! Let’s giggle more…Let’s cry more….Let’s feel more…and, let’s do it together.