Soul To Sisterhood

A book about everyday women triumphing over extraordinary things.


Why are our stories so important?

When was the last time someone asked you, really asked you to tell your story? Maybe it was last week. Maybe it was last year…but, I bet you remember. Because when we share our truth, and know that our words are heard, it strikes something deep within us. As a psychotherapist, I can tell you that human to human connection is healing. We all want it. We are just forgetting that we need it. I know it is hard to believe now, but for thousands of years, we survived by telling stories. Human to human connection and storytelling kept us alive. It allowed us to thrive. We shared medicine, innovation, history…all through the spoken word. Not a meme or a hashtag was present. For women, we have many superpowers, many that you will see reflected back to you on the pages of this website and the pages of the “Soul-to-Sisterhood,” book. These are aspects of the Divine Feminine, a sacred understanding of the archetypal feminine energies that exists within every living thing. For most of us, and truthfully for most of humanity for the last five thousand years, or so, these aspects have been rendered unimportant at best and vilified at worst. The Divine Mommy Movement, and this book, seek to shift that and reinstate a valuation of the feminine- with qualities like relatedness, open-heartedness, nurturance, kindness, intuition and instincts, awareness, transformation, warmth, vulnerability, and forgiveness- at the forefront of everything we do. From our stories of the past to our hopes for the future, let’s circle together and share what makes us special: the very human nature of really talking and really listening….Connecting and sharing for no reason or payoff, only because it is important for us to show how much we care.


Mothers. Daughters.
Sisters. Friends.



 The Book

The “Soul-to-Sisterhood,” book is meant to be used as a healing tool. Grab a cup of tea and look at the beautiful pictures. Take a few moments and let your heart be touched by the personal testimonials. Or, gift yourself the luxury of stepping into the most needed and most important aspect of the book, and get to know the 33 women inside. Let their journey’s sink into your soul. Allow these courageous women to assist you in more fully identifying with the strong, compassionate and loving woman within. We really do have the power to heal and that power transcends the typical equation of ‘exchange,’ or, a + b = c. This book is meant to be transitive. It is meant to inspire us to keep paying things forward. I created it as a conduit to keep us building relationships. To focus on the importance of the potential bonding instead of what something is worth in terms of dollars and cents. Think about how energy works. We all know, no matter our level of experience into the metaphysical or ‘energy work,’ that certain emotions carry a certain resonance or weight with them. Joy feels lighter and easier than guilt. Shame feels heavier and more dense than bliss. Dancing to the ‘Gypsy Kings,’ in the kitchen sure feels a lot different than losing our tempers and yelling at the kids….no matter what room of the house we are in. This book, and the potential it carries for healing, is vibrating at a very high level of energy. Meaning, it is going to make you feel better, help you think differently, create space for forgiveness and maybe just help you love yourself a little more. Why wouldn’t we want to share that? In her book, “The Tending Instinct,” Shelley E. Taylor talks about how humanity has survived because of women’s natural proclivity to tend towards one another…to caregive…and, to share…By sharing the stories in this book with our tribes, we are embodying the same type of caring and bonding that has saved us for millennia, and just might be our saving grace for shifting the current paradigm into one that is kinder, gentler, and more focused on the ‘we’ instead of the ‘I.’ The Dalai Lama has been quoted saying that the ‘Western woman will heal the wold.’ I think we can shorten that even more and simply claim that ‘Women will heal the world.’ For when we can truly focus on what unites us instead of what divides us (I forgot to mention that judgment is way down on the vibration scale:-) we will be one.


Sharing our Stories.
Sharing our Love.


The Process

Once each woman had agreed to be a part of the project, we would schedule a time for her photo shoot and interview. Questions about what to wear and what to say usually came next. Really there is no prep for us being ourselves, so I would answer, “Do nothing. Wear what makes you comfortable. Pick a spot that feels good. Just be you.” I’m pretty sure no one believed me when I would answer that way. A few ladies even let me know that they tried to rehearse what to say. However, it was never more than a few minutes into the process, when we all would feel the energy shift. It was as if a subtle relaxation would become present. Laughter and nature have a special way of providing this kind of medicine, I know, yet, it was more than that, too. This feeling of connection was deeper and richer than some ladies getting together to talk and take pictures. The energy of loving, supporting and accepting ourselves and each other was primal. In my Divine Mommy Groups, we dance together around our Mandala, or Altar, created in the middle of our Sacred Space. Oftentimes, participants remark that the deliberate movements of women circling together with the intention for healing opens something within them…something that brings back memories and feelings from past, present and con-current lifetimes. The Soul-to-Sisterhood process has been very similar. Creating a secure space for women to share from their hearts, with the intentional soul-fueled motivation for healing other Sisters, has created a shockwave that transcends space and time. I say that this book is a love letter to the women in my life, and it is. A love letter that sings of their strength, their spirit and their courage. It is also a love letter to everyone who reads it. Because my struggle is your struggle, and your victory is my victory. When we take the time, we can always find something that we share, something that connects us…an intersection of our stories. My wise friend and Sister Goddess, Jacqui, says, “thank you for being me.” The pages of this book echo that statement. When you read the truth of the ‘Divine Mommy Soul-to-Sisterhood Tribe,’ I hope you feel the same.


And we are


 The Truth

This idea came about through my work as a therapist and facilitator of the Divine Mommy Groups. Week by week, I would be humbled by the stories I was hearing. I was also struck by the sheer determination of these women to follow their gut and to trust their instincts. So much of my Divine Mommy work is about cultivating the relationship with our wise and intuitive inner guidance….Honoring the Medicine Woman, the Female Shaman, the Priestess….Claiming our Feminine Birthright. And, that goes just as much for the women who told me, “no.” Several Sisters, for various reasons, have declined to be in the book. To them, I applaud just as loudly and write just as many love letters. They too are just as courageous as the women you see here. We all know that owning our ‘hell no’ can be just as empowering as owning our ‘hell yes.’ Many of them have offered to help with the project in other ways…and, you can too! If you would like to be a part of our team, or if you would like to help the book get published, there are a few ways to do so:

-You can support Divine Mommy by hosting a Workshop or an Event.
-You can contact me about working together through the Divine Mommy Curriculum one-on-one.
-You can check out the Crystal Prayer Jewelry and have me custom make you a piece (see the pics below).

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Let’s heal together…
Because we can.
Because we need each other.
Because we are worth it.